Monkey Bandit - Manners on a Playdate

Monkey Bandit - Manners on a Playdate
: Maria Ellis
: Choupicos
: 25
: Kids : General
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“‘May I’, ‘Sorry’, ‘Thank you’, ‘Please’

Help us get along with ease!”

How do you help your child discover the value of being polite, of having good manners with other people? Practical examples work best. This children's book on manners on a playdate will teach your child that manners help us get along with each other.

Monkey Bandit goes on a surprise playdate with Lilly,  a new friend. He is very excited about the toys and activities he sees, especially the painting. But when he takes the brush from Lilly’s hand, snatches her cookie and does not ask nicely, Lilly becomes very upset. Monkey Bandit learns first-hand the importance of good manners!

Through a simple, relatable story that could come from the life of most toddlers, this kids book on manners will show children that manners are there for a very practical reason (not only because mom and dad say so): to help us get along with each other by being nice.

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