Wendigo (Blood of the Isir)

Wendigo (Blood of the Isir)
: Erik Henry Vick
: Ratatoskr Publishing
: 64
: Fiction : SciFi
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Life on the shores of Lake Seneca in the former colony of New York is idyllic—the white colonists live in peace with their Onondowaga neighbors. But the peace is a fragile one…

Everyone respects John Calvin Black—he believes in rational explanations and he treats everyone with respect. So when one of the villagers is savagely murdered and dumped in the forest, John is asked to bring a native tracker to the scene of the crime. John brings a respected warrior and childhood friend, Donehogawa, who claims the murderer is a demon.

It’s a pronouncement that some of the white men can’t accept, and they blame the murder on one of the native tribesmen. John believes Donehogawa is telling the truth but is holding something back.

John is trapped between two cultures and two belief systems, yet he knows the truth must lie somewhere in between. Can he manage the white villager’s anger and the native’s fears? Can he and Donehogawa save both peoples from the evil that stalks them from the cover of the forest?

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