Victoria: A Tale of Spain

Victoria: A Tale of Spain
: Sarah Scheele
: 223
: Kids : General
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For generations Victoria's family has lived in the shadow of the monarchy. A monarchy that has far too much interest in them.

Spain, 1615 . . .

The family of 14-year-old duchess Victoria is standoffish, living in a remote, picturesque castle. Is it possible they are in much more danger than they realize? When a mysterious assassin sends her on a journey across Spain with travelers from England, she finds he might not be her enemy after all. But someone is very much pursuing their family. If not the anonymous Hirado, then who? As the mystery unfolds, Victoria will need all her wits and the help of a quick-tempered prince and a duke who might be in love with her sister, to outsmart a century-old secret, two bumbling thugs, and a king who’s out to get her. That old book in her father’s library must be pretty important after all.

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