A Dowryless Wedding

A Dowryless Wedding
: Merlin Franco
: Merlin Franco
: 242
: Fiction : Drama
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Immerse yourself into the story of protagonist Franklin, a satirist-natured researcher living in a rural area of South India. A simple man with simple needs, his life revolves around his daily work and occasional catch-up sessions with his comrades.

Until one day, when his family - and seemingly all of his village’s residents - decide that it’s time for him to find a bride for himself.

Franklin acquiesces. Excitement ensues, yet there is a lingering hesitation in the air. Amidst conversing with Nisha, the childlike bride chosen for him, Franklin comes face to face with a significant part of a culture that he refuses to abide by.

Will Franklin succeed in convincing his family and village folk to defy the norm? Or will he end up failing and eventually succumb to society’s pressure?

Read A Dowryless Wedding - Merlin Franco’s page-turning debut novel - to uncover a humorous take on the world of dowry that Franklin faces heroically amidst varying degrees of religious, political and social narratives.

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