The Seal of Solomon: The Complete Series

The Seal of Solomon: The Complete Series
: Shannon Reber
: Magic Fire Publishing
: 0
: Fiction : Drama
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A dark, epic fantasy adventure. A story of good versus evil. Love versus hate. And vengeance versus forgiveness.

The Seer- Elian is the seer of his generation. He has seen what is coming but some things cannot be seen before they happen.

The Puppeteer- Enya is the fire wielder of her generation. She is the daughter of the King of Cinereal. The King does not allow anyone with a power to rival his own, to survive. He has plans to take over the nine lands beyond the Gate.

The Gatekeeper- Grief. Loneliness. So much death. Enya knows she has to find a way to stop the Puppeteer and keep him from hurting anyone else she loves. But the Puppeteer has plans and her survival is not part of that plan.

The Fire Wielder- If the magic of the Fire Wielder is tainted, she will turn into something much worse than her father. Grief, pain, and a broken heart have changed Enya. Can she hold onto her goodness and finally defeat the Puppeteer once and for all?

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