The Last Call: Episodes

The Last Call: Episodes
: Onīdas J Beaudin, Lori Beaudin
: 316
: Fiction : SciFi
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Experience this Fantasy Adventure, set in an Apocalyptic future as all humankind transforms. Incredible beings from different worlds clash, in this intense and powerful story of inner strength and courage. Meet characters that reach out to your heart that you will never forget. See the clear images of the future beyond what has been imagined!

What does the end of the world look like? What happens to us as human beings... Some will survive, are we different or do we stay the same? Are there alien species involved in catastrophes, and wars like has never been seen before on earth?

You have now come across an exciting adventure! Multiple species of alien beings are interested in our new world that is about to emerge. In our own worldly destruction is a new human to be released that affects all that dwells in the universe.

You will enjoy endearing characters, exciting scenes, demon races and those who may be depicted as angelic.

Get ready to experience the culture and the amazing characters, Mieka and Tillo on their planet Terraform, who fill you with anticipation and steal your heart. Take part in their species fight for survival that is directly related to our human transformation occurring presently on the Earth.

You will be able to place yourself with people experiencing their lives forever changed, after catastrophes have wiped out government, power and all the amenities that we currently enjoy.

Travel with our heroes enduring rogue messiahs, wars, wild animals and daily survival. All the while trying to understand the inner and outer changes they themselves are experiencing.

Take this home for a book you wont be able to put down! The story and characters are unforgettable!
You have found... THE LAST CALL: EPISODES!

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