Choices: And Other Stories

Choices: And Other Stories
: Lee Duffy
: 29
: Fiction : General
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Three Inspiring Short Stories of Fiction

CHOICES: Can a young woman have it all—career, marriage, love, happiness? We all face crossroads in our lives. We make a choice and take a path. Then we wonder for the rest of our lives what things might have been like had we taken the other route. Julie is at one of those crossroads, and her choice is a difficult one that will forever change her path in life.

THE BRAHMIN & THE DALIT: India has long had a firm caste system. Some are born high in the caste—Brahmins are at the top. Some are born low—Dalits, also called untouchables, aren’t even in the caste system. They are so low as to be considered beneath it. Can the high and the low find common ground? This story may just warm your heart as you find out if the chasm can be bridged.

BOYS TO MEN: Life is hard on a small island in the middle of a vast sea. The primary source of food is the ocean, and someone has to go out there and get it. But the ocean can be unforgiving, and many never return. Three boys face a life or death challenge in the South Pacific. Can they survive this rite of passage into manhood? Come find out.

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