His Sweetest Song

His Sweetest Song
: Victoria H. Smith
: 320
: Non Fiction : Health
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A single dad seeking a fresh start. A woman, a house, and the town that never truly left her.

After I receive word of an inheritance, I end up back in Kansas, red bottom heels and all to take ownership of a house and property I haven’t set foot on in over a decade. My aunt Josephine chose me, the last of her living relatives, and now I’m left to discover what she wants done with her legacy. It’s a feat I’m willing to take on.

But the man I find in her bathroom is another story.

Grayden claims to be a handyman, previous help to my aunt in his well-worn jeans and smart attitude and as it turns out, he has a daughter who wants even less to do with me than I do with her father. She says absolutely nothing to me—zero words, which only slightly surpasses her elusive dad.

The man known as Gray is guarded beyond anything else. He’s cold and I’m left wondering the reasons why. How did a man like that come to be such an important element to my late aunt’s life?

And why did my aunt Jo leave him, this house, and this town for me?

His Sweetest Song is a standalone contemporary romance by Victoria H. Smith. If you like emotionally-charged romances set in small towns, this 78,000 word novel featuring a single dad looking for a second chance at love and the city-girl he attempts to wrangle is for you!

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