Jane and the Exodus (Stargazer Series Book 1)

Jane and the Exodus (Stargazer Series Book 1)
: T.R. Woodman
: Stargazer Press
: 334
: Fiction : SciFi
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A hopeful girl with her eyes on a new world. Her stubborn brother with his heart in the slums. Only hours left to save him from exile and death.

All Jane wants is to leave unnoticed. To escape the crumbling ruins of Earth with her family and start a new life as a colonist. But bullheadedness runs heavy in Jane’s family. Her brother, Tate, won't budge. He refuses to leave, and Jane refuses to leave without him.

Her plan is simple. Sneak away from her father’s compound. Travel to the industrial slum Tate calls home. Appeal to his older-brotherliness, and if he doesn’t come quietly, she’ll make big brother wish he had listened to reason. But things get complicated when Jane's father humiliates the one man ruthless and resourceful enough to stop them, just days before their shuttles are set to leave.

Jane is desperate. The days she thought she had are now just hours. Determined to save her brother, she must find him and return to the compound before any of them are caught, because capture means prison, and prison means DF-23, a prison camp where the residents pray for death long before it ever comes.

Jane and the Exodus is the thrilling first book in T.R. Woodman's new sci-fi series ... start reading today.

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