Work From Home: Email Marketing (Work From Home Book 8)

Work From Home: Email Marketing (Work From Home Book 8)
: Shelley Wenger
: 35
: Non Fiction : General
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Are you considering a career working from home?
Is E-mail marketing something you have considered?
Do you need more information on this type of home business?

E-mail marketing is something that most companies do, especially the larger ones. The cost-effectiveness of it, value for money it offers and the ability to target large numbers of people are all part of the attraction and it has stood the test of time as well.
If you would like to try this business idea then Work from Home: E-mail Marketing is a book that will help you to realize your dream, with tips and advice on things like:
  • What E-mail marketing is
  • Getting started
  • E-mail marketing tips for starting up
  • Getting subscribers
  • How to increase open rates
  • Finding success with an E-mail marketing campaign
  • And much more…

Working from home is a great way to make money, either as an addition to a main income or as a full-time occupation. E-mail marketing is just one of the ways to achieve some financial independence and this book is filled with the information you need to make it a success.
Download a copy today and see how you can make money with E-mail marketing!

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