Painful Steps: Volume One

Painful Steps: Volume One
: T.P. Johnson
: Kepha Press
: 0
: Fiction : Romance
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An inspirational romance story. A young couple sets out on a fun getaway trip. While high in the mountains, a routine stop brings tragedy.

In this heart-breaking romance story, Aaron and Kailyn are young, married, and deeply in-love. They know they have bright futures stretching out before them, with plans to start a family and settle into a quiet life in Oak Valley, a distant suburb of Chicago, Illinois.

They set out on a drive to the Rocky Mountains for a short vacation, alone. Not long after a casual stop for donuts and coffee and having made a quick stop at a high rest area among the mountain peaks, tragedy strikes, and everything changes for them, forever.

This is the first book in T.P. Johnson’s latest series. In this first part, the acclaimed author of the Battle for Dóchas series brings us a tale of sudden loss and the resulting pain it brings.

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