KETOSIS Diet for BEGINNERS: Complete GUIDE FOR KETO DIET 7-day plan to start weight loss

KETOSIS Diet for BEGINNERS: Complete GUIDE FOR KETO DIET 7-day plan to start weight loss
: Alan Shelton
: 90
: Non Fiction : General
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This book is not a traditional boring collection of the crocked advice and recipes that could be found on your shelves. It is a real guide, where you’ll find everything you need to know.

 The aim of this book is to provide a great resource for the beginners of the keto diet, where everyone could find the information you are just looking for. This book will definitely change the way you eat. It contains important points according to the keto process and its benefits for health, lifestyle and weight loss.

 You will find here the strategies how to begin and to follow the ketogenic diet, what are the essential points you have to pay attention to. Don’t forget that this diet allows you to feel flexibility and freedom and get full satisfaction of what you eat. You will just feel what is right for you and what do you need.

 The provided 7-day keto diet plan, as well as the recipes, are the base of this book, that’s why you don’t need to think over the meal plan for the next day. It is already done! Don’t think about calories, their amount of the products, substitutes of some foods and so on. You’ll find this information right at the recipes of keto-dishes. Some people find a boring cooking meal for every other day or eat only «allowed» foods.

 I encourage you with everyday cooking and preparation solutions you haven’t even expected. There are an amazing variety of salads, meat, fish, smoothies, cake and biscuits you are allowed to eat during this diet. You will understand how to eat fat and lose weight. I hope this book will change not only the way you eat but also the way you think. You will fully change your life, your body and will honor the person you are!

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