An Obsessive Bride (Family of Love Series) (A Western Romance Story)

An Obsessive Bride (Family of Love Series) (A Western Romance Story)
: Elliee Atkinson
: Green House Publishing Co.
: 270
: Fiction : Drama
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Page Count: Approx 270 pages.

A fresh start…a dark secret …and two women fighting for his love?

Gabe Stapleton is not new to Wickenburg, but he’s returned after a 20-year hiatus and successful ranching career. Now he’s back to start a new life, though he’s harboring a dark secret that threatens his every move. If he’s not careful, his new start will become his end, since he’ll swing at the end of a noose for his crime.

Upon his arrival in Wickenburg, he meets two women. The first is a painted alcoholic who latches onto him like a leech, willing to go to any lengths in order to get him to marry her. She’ll even resort to blackmail to get what she wants—even if it costs him everything he holds dear.

The second is a young beauty who immediately captures his heart, a woman who makes him feel things he never before thought possible in his life. That is until she finds out his dark secret. Once she learns the truth, there’ll be no going back for him, and he knows that the budding romance will end before it really begins.

When an insane pursuer does everything within her power to ruin Gabe’s reputation, can he keep his cool and do the right thing—or will his anger create another chilling secret to hide?

Must he go on the run again—this time forever haunted by the woman he desperately loves?

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