Trapped in a VRMMORPG: An LITRPG Urban Fantasy

Trapped in a VRMMORPG: An LITRPG Urban Fantasy
: Brian Cross
: 0
: Fiction : SciFi
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Have you ever wanted to live in a VRMMORPG?

It sounds incredulous, but it’s not impossible. That just what happens to Robert Shikara when he visits the world of Beyond: an open-world, massively multiplayer online role-playing game (VRMMORPG) that allows him to be a variety of fantastical characters with infinite possibilities of growth and power potential – how amazing! Still, all that glitters is not gold. A sinister man in a mask has plans for the people of the world when they are trapped inside of the game with no possibility of escape. Thrown in a paradise that quickly becomes a chaotic hell, Robert in his avatar, Sheik, must traverse the plains of the RPG world with his companions to learn how to become strong enough to survive the oncoming slaughter. The masked man is a threat for everyone and promises an Armageddon.

War is coming.

Don't hesitate, buy this LITRPG urban fantasy while it's still 99 cents!

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