Windrush: Jayanti's Pawns (Jack Windrush Book 5)

Windrush: Jayanti's Pawns (Jack Windrush Book 5)
: Malcolm Archibald
: Creativia
: 309
: Fiction : General
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Jack Windrush is still in India during the late stages of the Indian Mutiny.

Tired of war, he has to obey orders when Colonel Hook orders him to hunt down a mysterious female warrior named Jayanti. Soon, Jack's company of the 113th Foot shares in the defeat at Fort Ruhya, where they encounter warriors wearing black turbans... and discover that they are women.

With a Pathan prisoner, Jack and the remains of the 113th Foot leave the main army to search for Jayanti.

Amid ferocious battle, betrayal and a personal game of cat and mouse with Jayanti herself, Jack and his company move ever closer to the final confontation in their campaign.

Praise from readers:

★★★★★ - "I love the Jack Windrush series. It's full of adventure, history, and great storytelling. Looking forward to the continuation of the story."

★★★★★ - "A historical fiction work on par with Bernard Cornwell. Five stars."

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