Write That Book!: The Guide On How To Write Any Book And Be A Successful Writer

Write That Book!: The Guide On How To Write Any Book And Be A Successful Writer
: Stephanie Larkin
: Red Penguin Books
: 114
: Non Fiction : Business
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A recent statistic presented at Book Expo America - one of the largest international publishing conferences in the world - is that over 90% of Americans want to write a book. With a staggering statistic like that, how to write a book ranks as high a value as health, happiness and the American Dream for most people. While there is a multitude of reasons why so many want to write a book - perhaps to achieve immortality, to contribute to the world, to pad their own egos, to enhance their own credentials, to express their deepest thoughts - the majority of people will never achieve this universal goal. But why not? Is writing a book harder than, say, brain surgery? It most certainly doesn’t have to be more difficult than brain surgery - and as an author myself who wouldn’t even consider attempting brain surgery, I can attest to that. Writing a book or learning how to be a writer is certainly an enormous accomplishment, but it doesn’t need to be an insurmountable goal. By breaking down the tasks into their component parts and proceeding one step at a time, you too can join the minority within the majority - the few who has achieved what so many only wish for - to write a book.
Join me as we embark step by step on this exciting journey on how to write a book.

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