Mail Order Bride: Force of Nature : Western Historical Romance

Mail Order Bride: Force of Nature : Western Historical Romance
: Betty Frank
: 0
: Fiction : Drama
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Twenty-four year old, Hannah Beth Coleman from Boston, has no prospects for a husband and doesn't expect one anytime soon. When her father loses his job at the paper mill, the family is left with no incoming money.

Hannah, like her father, is a hot-headed, stubborn woman, which in the past, has caused issues with men who have come calling on her. Therefore her parents decide to answer an advert in a local newspaper for a mail order bride, and arrange for Hannah to travel West and marry a successful, wealthy sheriff.

Allan Carpenter is a well-respected man in his town and Hannah gets to see him in action the first day. It also happens to be the first time Hannah shows her aggressive nature, halting a bar fight in its tracks.

Will the sheriff be able to handle such a strong-willed woman or will he let her stay and become a part of law enforcement, as the first woman deputy in the county?

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