Two Man Red (Big Man Blue Book 2)

Two Man Red (Big Man Blue Book 2)
: Nicole R. Locker
: Nicole R. Locker
: 86
: Fiction : Romance
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In a sequel to Big Man Blue, our characters are back for a new love story as Blake explores her budding new relationship with Chase Charleston, her brother's fun-loving and handsome farm hand. When trouble brews on the work front, Blake has to branch out and take on new contracts, which lands her in the path of a new realtor back in town - Hunter Haley, cousin to Harper, and a guy Blake had carried a torch for years back in high school.

With two worthy suitors vying for her affection, Blake is confused over which is the right option for her. They're both different, neither are perfect, and each man meets very different longings for her in very different ways. But she can't date both men forever and has to choose one of them, hopefully before she loses both of them in the process.

(Don't worry - no cheating. They're all honest adults here.)

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