Amish Belonging (Amish Romance)

Amish Belonging (Amish Romance)
: Betty Bontrager
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: Fiction : Romance
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Sarah Muller knew that Gott had blessed her with the job at the Country Style Deli and Goods in town. As a young widow she had to have a way to feed her small kinder, David and Katie.

Isaac and Miriam and their kinner lost everything in a fire, and now lived with their widowed sister in law, where Miriam tended Sarah's kinner so that Sarah could work in the store, and David farmed the land. Now more than ever, they needed to work together as familye.

Benjamin Riehl was very proud of his store. It was all that he had after losing his wife and boppli during childbirth. His new employee was fast making a difference to the store which may have started showing signs of neglect had she not been there. For Sarah Muller, he was most grateful.

Old man Samuel Yoder and his disrespectful son of the same name, supplied dairy goods to Country Style Deli. Samuel had his eye on the widow Muller whose farm bordered his familye's dairy farm. If she would marry him, he would have the largest, wealthiest farm for many miles.

Sarah had so much to give, but she felt pressurized by Samuel Yoder to give more than she had to offer him. Was Benjamin misled in thinking Samuel and Sarah were courting?

Join the author in the muddy lanes and far-off sun-drenched hilltops of Amish country as the Mullers battle their own daily hardships, continuing to support one another through it all; discover Benjamin's source of hope for the future and the end-result of young Samuel's somewhat idealistic dreams for the Yoder and Muller farms.

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