Serendipity: And Other Stories

Serendipity: And Other Stories
: Lee Duffy
: 31
: Fiction : General
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Three Inspiring Short Stories of Fiction

SERENDIPITY: The occurrence of fortunate events by chance, or finding something of value when you are not looking for it. From tragedy, as they say, flows good fortune—at least sometimes. Paulo sought to escape the slums of Rio, but he had no idea where to escape to, and then, serendipity.

CARLOS: Hard work and a little ingenuity can pay off, even in Cuba. Carlos is a young man with a dream, but the odds are firmly stacked against him. Can he prevail, or will the Cuban government keep him in his place? Come along to find out.

THE YELLOW CANARY: What if you grew up in a bar? Jimmie will tell you what it’s like, and it ain’t so bad. Opportunities abound for a kid with the right attitude.

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