New Town, New Thief (The Lindsey Smith Detective Series Book 2)

New Town, New Thief (The Lindsey Smith Detective Series Book 2)
: Melinda Craig
: 86
: Fiction : Mystery
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Being an expert on the strange and weird, Lindsey gets called in by an old connection to consult on a new case. 

It's no surprise that her assigned partner, Officer Ryan Vance, greets her with full skepticism, but what is a surprise is the determination he has to know her past. Lindsey's feeling overwhelmed with all the extra attention and it only gets worse when she bumps into an old familiar detective. Add in a strange old woman who reads fortunes, a thief walking through walls, and a troubled teen...and you've got a recipe for one worn out mystery solver.

What's a girl to do? Lindsey needs to solve this case and fast! She doesn't like the pull she feels in this strange little town. The longer she stays, the more she wants to make a home...and that's just not how she works.

This is the second novelette in The Lindsey Smith Detective Series. A good clean story, with plenty of sleuthing and of course, a bit of paranormal and magic thrown in. Grab your favorite cup of coffee or tea and settle in for a great cozy mystery!

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