Wedding Disaster (Friday Friends Dinner Mystery Book 2)

Wedding Disaster (Friday Friends Dinner Mystery Book 2)
: Poppy M. Haas
: 302
: Fiction : Mystery
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Melody’s hands are full. And it's not just the brownie recipes for her upcoming cookbook that are keeping her busy. After being fired by the noxious Dr. Worster, Melody is working as a per diem nurse through a temp agency, hunting for a new apartment, figuring out her relationship with handsome but quirky Brandon and launching her side career as a blogger and cookbook author.

But nothing is going as planned.

As Melody tries to get everything under control, Kristi, one of her women in the Friday Friends Dinner Club, calls Melody, begging her for help. The vintage wedding dress Kristi found for her wedding day has been stolen. What was thought to be a pretty dress modeled after a 1920s style turns out to be an item multiple people in the sleepy town of Stonybrooke will kill to get.

As she investigates the fashion theft with the help of Kristi and Savannah, Melody makes a discovery about the dress that leaves everyone's mouths hanging open. As Melody gets closer to revealing the thief, she discovers the violent actions people will take for fashion obsessions.

Can Melody help Kristi find the stolen vintage wedding dress before her upcoming wedding day? Can she maintain her own professional and love life with the chaos going on around her?

Life is moving fast, and nothing is going how Melody envisioned it. Melody tracks down the fashion thief around the more peculiar corners of Stonybrooke and discovers the best way to tackle life's mysteries is with determined focus, a community of friends, and a lot of brownies.

Formerly titled, A Wedding Dress Disaster.

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