Tales of a Viscount (Heirs of High Society) (A Regency Romance Book)

Tales of a Viscount (Heirs of High Society) (A Regency Romance Book)
: Eleanor Meyers
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: Fiction : Romance
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Lady Rachel Lush has spent her Seasons as a wallflower. 
After a tragedy leaves her brokenhearted, she sets a course for Spinsterhood.
Being alone means no one can hurt you. 
But her mind begins to change when a man from her past returns... A soldier who can protect her.

Reuben Smith... or rather Lord Eastridge... may have earned his title while fighting for England, but at night, when he removes his mask, she sees the man beneath.

A bastard and former footman turned viscount. 
Very few are able to ignore his common blood.

However, Lady Rachel sees his soul. 
She alone understands the pauper and the prince are one man.
And while he tries to distance himself at balls, the dangerous dark streets of London will force them together.
Protecting Rachel is something he knows he can do, but denying his growing feelings becomes just as tiring as pretending to fit into civilized Society.

In the end, will Rachel be able to turn her pauper into a prince?
Or will Society force them to be forever apart?

Page Count: around 450 pages

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