My Little Infinity

My Little Infinity
: Karanbir Singh
: Adhyyan Books
: 281
: Kids : Non Fiction
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My journey started on the 6th January 2014, after my father was diagnosed with liver cancer. Due to our medical background we were able to get an early ticket for his liver transplant. But sometimes all that works well doesn’t always end well. Fate bestowed on us, the destiny of our dues. Within 4 months dad was re-diagnosed with cancer. That’s when I started knocking all doors, to find one way to escape our doomed destiny. We battled for the next five months and then I took upon on my quest to resolve the dissonance in my mind by attempting to crack the meaning of life.
To make sense of our existence, to find the reasons of the events happening around us and the most fundamental question why do good people suffer the most? Do all good men have to pay the cost for following their path of righteousness? The book was initially started by my father as an attempt to share his experience and to motivate others who were diagnosed with the same. But not all get a chance to write their story.
The book is divided in two parts. Entries of a Father and Destiny of a Son.
The first part highlights the journey of my dad when he got the news of his cancer and how a man who has been given the invitation to his own end tries to get his head right and makes an attempt to en-cash more days. And the second half denotes the journey of his son in an attempt to manoeuver his fate and to find life in the seed of death.

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