Become and Arise (Xuroborous Book 1)

Become and Arise (Xuroborous Book 1)
: Jeffrey Batchelder
: Strong Dog Creations, Inc.
: 206
: Fiction : Mystery
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Andy left Massachusetts with the police hot on his tale. Hopping a freight train headed directly into the path of horrors beyond his comprehension. Lost in the frigid winter of Maine, he thought the cold was his worst enemy until he met his first family of vampires.

Andy had no idea about vampires, and he didn't know about hunters, paranormal experiences or covens. He was another adult who believed horror was something you watched on TV. Xuroborous was the oldest vampire, he had sired many monsters, and he had Andy in his sites as his newest general. Xuroborous needed an army to fight the feral vampires, and Andy was his choice. 

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