Kit Morgan's Cowboys and Debutantes : Boxed Set With Bonus Story!

Kit Morgan's Cowboys and Debutantes : Boxed Set With Bonus Story!
: Kit Morgan
: Angel Creek Press
: 382
: Fiction : Drama
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Introducing Cowboys and Debutantes Historical Boxed Set! Enjoy these clean and wholesome, sweet historical western romances by Kit Morgan These riches to rags mail-order bride stories prove that love can be found in the most unexpected places, and that money does not always make the man. But as our debutantes know, it sure helps!

Effie Stout is in her third season and beginning to worry if she’ll ever find a husband. But just when she sets her sights on a good prospect, the unthinkable happens. Her family falls into ruin. Forced to become a mail-order bride by her stepmother, Effie does her best to live like the other half and not get her or her would be groom killed in the process.

Minnie Stout, along with her sisters and cousins, had been forced after a family tragedy, to become mail-order brides. Now here she was, heading west, WAY west, to California, where she’d never find so much as a crumb of her old life. Unfortunately for Minnie, she didn’t allow herself to imagine a new one, either.

Roberta Peterson didn't have money but acted like it. That is until she met the Stouts of New York. They had plenty and more to spare. But that wasn't always the case, and after watching Effie and Minnie along with their stepmother for a week or two during a visit to New York, she began to realize that maybe having money wasn't the path to happiness. The Stouts found that out the hard way. The question was, could she?

Lula Stout, along with her sisters and cousins, had a charmed life. Emphasis on the word “had.” They lived in New York City, the daughters of rich shipping magnates. And in a blink of an eye, they were reduced to nothing, their father and uncle’s business gone. Right along with their reputations. To help fix the mess, Lula’s step-mother forces Lula and her sisters to become mail-order brides, sending each off without informing them where the others are going. Reeling from loss and not knowing if she’ll ever see her sisters again, Lula steps off the stage in a little town called Clear Creek, wondering what the future will bring. What she brought was a whole lot of anger and heartache.

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