Man vs Anxiety: The F(l)ight of the Century

Man vs Anxiety: The F(l)ight of the Century
: Frank White
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: Non Fiction : General
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6 million people in the UK have anxiety and/or depression, and the number is rising. It is rising as people are expending more and more energy travelling through time in their mind between the past and the future and spending little time in the here and now. Constantly worrying about the future or regretting the past may well make you anxious and trick your subconscious into thinking you are under duress. This constant switching on of our fight or flight system is unneeded and is ultimately the fuel of many people’s anxieties in life. We are rarely under any form of threat, yet many of us carry the scars of years of battle. Man vs Anxiety is a real life account of a businessman living and working in London coming to terms with his anxiety and depression. It discusses the challenges he has faced and details real life practical solutions in how he overcame them. This book isn’t written by a psychiatrist or councillor, it isn’t written for those with serious mental wellbeing challenges. It is written by the same London Business man that the book is about it. It is written for the everyday man or woman who is ignoring or unaware of how their own thoughts are having a negative impact on their wellbeing. It is written for you.

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