Motivation for Entrepreneurs: Twenty Seven Critical Secrets to Becoming Unstoppable Even If You’re Feeling Stuck (Lifestyle Design Success Book 2)

Motivation for Entrepreneurs: Twenty Seven Critical Secrets to Becoming Unstoppable Even If You’re Feeling Stuck (Lifestyle Design Success Book 2)
: Marta Magdalena
: MM Success Systems LTD
: 103
: Non Fiction : General
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Do you sometimes feel like everyone and everybody is against you and your success?

You work hard on your business, you want to do something meaningful with your life, yet things don’t go the way you want them to.

Perhaps you feel like giving up, and you are not moving forward with your goals. 

Something is off. Your mood and motivation totally depend on what’s happening to you, and negative circumstances or failed ventures make you feel the same way: negative and unmotivated.

When things go well, you feel motivated, but one tiny obstacle and you find it hard to push through.

Well, I have been there many times.

On my lonely journey as an entrepreneur, I have experienced lots of pain and rejection. I was stuck in very negative and toxic environments. 

Because of that, I was feeling so unworthy both in my life and business.

Feeling stuck, feeling I wasn’t going anywhere, feeling like everyone was being successful, except me.

I knew I had to take action to move forward, but I felt scared, paralyzed, and close to becoming severely depressed. It was hard to sleep at night and I could never make it out of bed on time. Then, of course, there was this tremendous feeling of self-guilt, that I should have worked harder…

Until, quite accidently, after one unsuccessful venture (well, it was actually failure after failure), I made a simple decision.

And that decision changed my life.

  • What if I could feel worthy of success?
  • What if I could stop putting myself down?
  • What if I could transform myself and help others transform too?
  • What if there was a meaning in all this?
  • What if we could use whatever happens to us to be unstoppable?
  • What if THAT could be your powerful motivation?
  • What if I could use those powerful negative emotions I was experiencing to my advantage?

That new mindset shift became my biggest asset, an asset that allows me to run successful businesses  while living a life of passion, purpose, and abundance.

This is exactly what I want you to discover in my book so that you don’t have to continue suffering but feel empowered to transform whatever happens to you into unstoppable motivation.

With Motivation for Entrepreneurs, you will quickly discover:

-simple tips to get in motion and take action even if you don’t feel excited or motivated

-the real truth about burnouts plus simple “holistic” lifestyle hacks to help you stay energized

-how to turn haters and critics into unlimited motivation while feeling good about yourself

-what kind of motivation you need and when 

-how to use your passion (or the lack of it) to get and stay motivated

-exactly how you can use automation and the “10x” mindset to get more done while working (a.k.a. stressing out) less than you need to

-when it’s good to get a bit “lazy”

-how to instantly stop feeling like a failure and take inspired, meaningful action

-when negativity is good and when it can help you move forward with your goals (without making you feel negative)

-how to stay focused and develop emotional muscles

-the little secret that all successful entrepreneurs, writers, and content creators use to help them get things done and grow their business fast even if they have a bad day

Motivation for Entrepreneurs is not only about entrepreneurship, it’s about unstoppable motivation and the winning mindset you can successfully transfer to other areas so you can enjoy a life of passion, freedom, and fulfilment on your terms, fully empowered. Centred.

Ready to take your life and biz to the next level?

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