Imploded Lives

Imploded Lives
: David P. Warren
: Creativia
: 289
: Fiction : Mystery
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When two masked men take a busy Los Angeles bank in broad daylight, police, SWAT and the media cover every visible angle of the bank. Despite hundreds of eyes on the bank, nearly a million dollars – and the robbers themselves - vanish without a trace.

LAPD detectives Stacey Gray and Jeff Butler begin to investigate the logic-defying case with no clues and little evidence. Soon, life-changing secrets are exposed and their worlds turn upside down. 

Who are the robbers - and where is the money?


★★★★★ "Well-written caper novel. Held my interest all the way."

★★★★★ "Unique intersection between local law enforcement and the FBI taking into account moral and ethical dilemmas along the way. Fast-paced entertainment."

★★★★★ "The topic is current and the characters interesting. A great read."

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