The Pet Set: A Collection of Sweet Romances

The Pet Set: A Collection of Sweet Romances
: Jeanne Bannon
: 350
: Fiction : SciFi
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In the mood for love? How about throwing in a few irresistibly cute furry friends? If you're looking for sweet, clean romances, this set is for you.

Lost and Found - Can what was once lost be found again?

Lexi's ex-boyfriend leaves behind the dog he bought her just before things fell apart. But, Lexi's NOT a dog person and she contemplates giving the pup away. However, it’s all she has left of Josh and so she gives the little mischief-maker a little more time.

While at puppy obedience school, Lexi meets Tommy a handsome, happy-go-lucky type she could easily give her heart to if only she was ready. Still pining over Josh, Lexi gives Tommy the brush off and they lose touch. As much as she doesn’t want to admit it, Lexi comes to realize that in the short time she and Tommy spent together, he’d left more of an impression on her heart than she cared to admit.

Love Bites - Life leaves you scarred. Love can make you whole.

After years of hiding behind any excuse not to date, Jack O-Hurley can't help but be intrigued when he meets the most unusual woman he's ever set eyes on. Star is certainly not what he's been looking for, but she just might be what he needs.

Last Chances - Love isn't easy to find when your heart has been shattered. Will Hayden's walls come crashing down when the beautiful and intelligent Pressley enters his life or, will he retreat as usual and let his last chance slip away?

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