NINA The Friendly Vampire - Book 1 - My Crazy Life: Books for Kids aged 9-12

NINA The Friendly Vampire - Book 1 - My Crazy Life: Books for Kids aged 9-12
: Katrina Kahler, John Zakour
: KC Gobal Enterprises Pty Ltd
: 123
: Kids : General
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Imagine how complicated your life would be...if you mom was a vampire and your dad was a weretiger?
Welcome to Nina's life, she's half of each!

Her family have moved to a new town to combat the Glitters. What are Glitters? Well obviously they glitter and they cause havoc and chaos among the humans. Why have you never heard of Glitters...well that's because only vampires can see them. And let's face it, you can't fight something that you are unaware of! But you've probably seen the results of Glitters on humans, they like to make humans do silly and naughty things. Why does a baby eat its own poop? Yes, Glitters! Why do teenagers dye their hair several colours when they know it is banned at school? Hmmm...Glitters again.

Nina and her handsome (but naive brother) Frank meet up with some cool kids at their new school. Nina is particularly interested in a great-looking boy called Jimmy. Not only is he very handsome, but he also has a great personality and Nina and Jimmy immediately fall for each other. But that is where the moms get in the way. You see, Jimmy's family come from a long line of vampire hunters!

Read this great adventure story to find out if the two teens can overcome their inherited differences and if the Glitters can be found and destroyed.

If you liked Super Girl and Girl Power, you'll love this book. Perfect for boys and girls aged 9-12.

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