Smoldering Fury: Historical Western Romance (Aspen Falls Book 5)

Smoldering Fury: Historical Western Romance (Aspen Falls Book 5)
: Ellen Anderson, Katie Wyatt
: Royce cardiff Publishing House
: 65
: Fiction : Drama
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Best Selling Authors Ellen Anderson, Katie Wyatt

Sheriff Clay Buford's past as a Civil War veteran continues to haunt him. The sheriff of Aspen Falls for the prior three years, he's a respected man in the community who keeps the growing town safe – from man and beast. Clay is dedicated to the people of his town, but no one knows his secrets: the nightmares that plague him every night; the roiling anger that often simmers just beneath the surface; the seemingly innocuous sounds that unexpectedly startle him.

Melinda Miller is secretly sweet on Clay, but her father's prejudice against a former 'Johnny Reb' stands in the way of their courtship. A rockslide, a robbery, and a kidnapping force the two to finally admit their feelings for one another.

Can Clay find peace and become the man he once was?

Will Melinda risk her future on a tormented man?

Can Thomas Miller overcome his resentment toward the ex-Confederate soldier?

Melinda is the only woman who can touch his heart. Clay yearns for a family to love. Together, they brave more than physical dangers to find what they both seek.

Historical western romance short story series.

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