The Widower and The Humble Jewel: Mail Order Bride Western Historical Romance

The Widower and The Humble Jewel: Mail Order Bride Western Historical Romance
: Misty Shae, Pure Read
: PureRead
: 135
: Fiction : Drama
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A double helping of clean Western Historical Romance. Jump on the train West together with Charlotte and Ruby, for two tales of love conquering all, and marvelous happy ever afters.


Troubled twins, and a tragic father. A courageous journey West, and a mountain to climb. The devil’s doubts seeking to destroy, and soaring faith in God to restore and revive. The Widower is a triumphant celebration of God’s love, and the love of a good woman, overcoming every obstacle.

Joey Sherman is a 33 year old widower who blames the death of his beloved wife on his two beautiful but disabled daughters, Ashley and Amber. Though he provides everything as he should, he withholds his love from the two tiny girls. He decides he needs a suitable carer for the two girls, but his urgent request to a Bridal Agency brings more than he bargained for!

Charlotte Sweetin works in a sweatshop in Newark, Jersey, and has seen a number of her friends leaving for the west to escape the dismal life that they have been living. When Charlotte hears about the twins, her heart goes out to them and against her better judgment and her friends and relatives’ fears, accepts that she will go to Great Falls and become Joey’s wife.

What transpires amazes everyone, none more than Joey himself!


Pride, possibility and promises of a new life. Danger, disaster and delight. Heartbreak and humility’s healing hand. All meet together in this sparkling Western tale.

Ruby dreams of a better life, something more beautiful and glamorous than the daily grind of the rope mill. The Western Frontier seems to offer the possibility of escape, but naivety leads the hopeful girl down a dangerous path. Ruby learns that pride comes before a fall in the most dramatic of encounters.

However, met with love and acceptance from unlikely quarters, Ruby has no choice but to put her trust in the wisdom of others. Will the humility she is forced to learn open Ruby’s heart to the true potential of the West?

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