The Guardian Collection: End of the Sixth Age, Books 1 through 5

The Guardian Collection: End of the Sixth Age, Books 1 through 5
: Col Bill Best
: 322
: Fiction : SciFi
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Chance? Or Providence? Tragedies, strange transformations, and life-changing decisions bring together an unlikely group of heroes. They risk it all to delay the prophesied, ultimate evil as long as possible.

Karen Lane Richardson; relentlessly hunted for decades. Jason Matthews must learn why “Five Score and Ten” -- FSAT – made her the strongest, smartest person on earth, but killed others. He will give anything… sacrifice anyone… to recapture her and continue his “testing.”

Roger Brannon, a paraplegic former pilot, launches Guardian, an experimental, hypersonic interceptor, to destroy an incoming nuclear warhead. The warhead is meant to instigate a crisis and usher in One World Peace Now. The intercept fails, but a last, desperate plan?

If you like near-future SciFi, combining today’s headlines with Biblical prophecy, you’ll love The Guardian Collection. This novel presents the first five novellas of the thought-provoking series, End of the Sixth Age.

Buy The Guardian Collection, and start seeing world events from a new perspective. 

The days are dark, and time is running out.

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