Your Questions Answered: Top Questions About Writing Ebooks

Your Questions Answered: Top Questions About Writing Ebooks
: Shelley Wenger, Shelley Wenger
: 43
: Non Fiction : General
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Have you embarked on a career writing e-books?
Is this a hobby that you would like to turn into an occupation?
Do you need advice on all aspects of this fast-moving trend?

Since the invention of e-readers, there has been a rise in the number of people writing books. The simplicity means that anyone who has some skill with words can now pen the book they always wanted to write, sure in the knowledge that it will be published, if only online.
In this latest book in the series, Your Questions Answered: Top Questions about Writing E-books examines everything you will need, including:
  • What you need to get started
  • Developing a thick skin
  • Traditional publishing versus self-publishing
  • Where to sell your e-books
  • Promoting your books
  • Protection from copiers
  • Common mistakes to avoid
  • And more…

There is a lot more to writing a book than just sitting down at a computer. With this book you will be able to take each step as you approach it.
Written in an easy-to-understand format, it will ensure that you don’t fall into some of the common traps that many new writers experience and will help you to produce a book that will sell and keep selling for as long as it can.

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