Wild Mustangs: Historical Western Romance (Aspen Falls Book 7)

Wild Mustangs: Historical Western Romance (Aspen Falls Book 7)
: Ellen Anderson, Katie Wyatt
: Royce Cardiff Publishing House
: 0
: Fiction : Drama
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Travis Kendrick captures and tames wild mustangs for a living. A gelding he's named Bone Breaker is one of the most difficult he's ever dealt with. Almost as daunting as working up the courage to officially court Rebekka Miller. She's willing, but her father is not because Rebekka is Jewish and he is not.

He's hopeful though, until the day that he's tossed from Bone Breaker's back and lands hard. Too hard. A tragic injury puts a halt to all of Travis' plans.

Will Travis ever walk again?

Can Rebekka's father accept that his daughter is in love with a Gentile?

Travis' injury brings the town together, but will it be enough to save not only Travis, but his home, his business, and most importantly, his burgeoning relationship with Rebekka?

Travis almost gives up, but Rebekka's stubborn yet compassionate nature won't allow it. Only time will tell if her encouragement is enough to help Travis through one of the greatest challenges of his life.

Book 1 - New Beginnings
Book 2 – Blind Faith
Book 3 – Starry Night
Book 4 – Bucking Tradition
Book 5 – Smoldering Fury
Book 6 – Dreams Come True
Book 7 – Wild Mustangs
Book 8 – The Outbreak
Book 9 – Jason’s Challenge

Historical western romance short story series.

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