Bigfoot Boy: Lost on Earth

Bigfoot Boy: Lost on Earth
: Kenna McKinnon
: Creativia
: 146
: Fiction : SciFi
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Does Bigfoot really exist?

Yep, he does. And he came in a spaceship.

After a middle school field trip to Earth, Bigfoot youngster Errl is wandering in the forest, lost. While waiting for his friends to return, he falls in love with a golden-haired beauty.

Errl also meets other humans on his journey. Some of them seem nice, while others carry dangerous guns.

Life is scary for a young Bigfoot on the run.

Praise from readers:

????? - "A delightfully satisfying story with beautiful scenery, Bigfoot Boy delivers encouraging lessons about peer pressure and developing our own self-esteem, and what "being different" really signifies."

????? - "Whimsical adventure with an astounding ending you won’t see coming"

????? - "A coming-of-age novel with more twists and surprises than the mountain trails themselves"

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