Highland Orphan (Scottish Highland Romance)

Highland Orphan (Scottish Highland Romance)
: Jamie MacSeaver
: 76
: Fiction : Romance
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Grace has never met her own parents, she is an orphan. The current Laird of clan Alistair found Grace in the stables one night, when they were children. He brought her inside and since then on, it became the only home she knew and the only home she needed.

Growing up, Grace was enrolled into the castle staff, where everyone respects her and admires her talents. Strong and bold, Grace puts up a serious exterior though little does everyone know what goes on in her treacherous heart. Grace is in love with Callum Alistair, the very man who saved her and is now Laird of the castle.

Grace admires him from afar, their relationship merely a friendly one, and hopes for a day to arrive when he will reciprocate the feelings. Her dreams are shattered when with a broken heart Grace learns of the neighboring clans visiting with their princesses to win Callum’s heart and join the clans with a marriage.

Heartbroken and desolate, Grace sets herself to focus on the tasks Callum presents her with, due to his trust in her. Can Grace remain partial and be happy for him? Or will faith intervene and leave Grace baffled? As each chapter folds, the story progresses, reminding us that love knows no bounds.

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