Blessed by Time

Blessed by Time
: Anne Baxter Campbell
: Elk Lake Publishing Inc
: 344
: Fiction : General
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A child’s faith, a woman’s grief, and a man’s search
Sarah Johnson is a woman deep in grief over the loss of her only child, three-year-old Tamara. Six months’ time hasn’t lessened the pain. She left for work early one morning and hasn’t been seen since. Her husband Paul, professor of languages and counselor at Arizona State University, also grieves but is moving on. How far on? When Sarah disappears, he’s suspected of getting rid of her in favor of a luscious redhead. How can he convince the police he’s innocent? And where―or when―on God’s green earth did Sarah go?

Just when you thought there couldn’t be another original time-travel book, along comes Blessed by Time and proves you wrong. A gripping yet delightful tale of a couple torn between two lifetimes while mourning the loss of their daughter, Blessed by Time will challenge you with the timelessness of the gospel and the healing love of the Savior, which spans centuries and continents.
Kathi Macias, award-winning author of more than fifty books.

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