TALES TO FIND A CURE: didactic stories for children about family, friendship, disability, integration, jobs, ecology, languages, school and learning (Picture book)

TALES TO FIND A CURE: didactic stories for children about family, friendship, disability, integration, jobs, ecology, languages, school and learning (Picture book)
: Fernando Ruiz Rico, María Consuelo Rubio Sánchez
: 63
: Kids : 4-8
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Available also in Spanish (Cuentos para ser escuchados) and French (Des contes pour être écoutés). All funds go to Spanish VHL Family Alliance (alianzavhl.org).

Twelve stories that will delight both children and adult readers

Didactic tales that deal from the integration of the disability to the sustainability of the environment in which we live, in a language adapted to children.

Immerse yourself in these emotional stories that are focused on the importance of friendship and family and encourage us to overcome ourselves

They show us an endearing and spontaneous point of view to afford several situations based on real scenarios that our main characters have to face:

  • The doctor who didn't believe in kissing. We will meet a doctor who only prescribes injections and medicines. Will it cure all the patients who go through his consultation? In this emotional story we will get into the skin of a child who is afraid of punctures and who may also need special treatment.
  • I will write what you say. In our classroom we have always had classmates with different skills, and group work allows us to do tasks that we could not carry out on our own. Discover the fantastic skills of two friends and how they manage to enhance them by working together.
  • So that the cats can eat. A very different point of view to explain the different reasons that move adult people to take certain decisions.
  • My lunch. Our main character forgets his lunch at home, and his teacher and classmates will teach him how nice may be the simple fact of sharing something.
  • The storyteller. The evolution of new technologies could lead us to a future in which not everything is better than before. Where is the limit in the use of mobile phones?
  • Occupation fairies. Have you ever been told that your head is full of birds? Have you ever wanted to be an inventor?
  • Leave it as it is. The accumulation of garbage can become a big problem.
  • I can't understand you. Can we talk without words? Can we understand each other without speaking? Again it will be a child who will teach us how easy it can be to get into a conversation with someone even if it seems that he is not listening at all.
  • Grrrrrrrrrrr. Who is grunting? Is it the noise of the wind? Is it a dangerous animal ? This story will make your hair stand on end...
  • Leo, my best friend. How nice it is to wake you up with a good morning! How nice it is to receive you chasing and jumping! An endearing story dedicated to those unconditional friends who are always by our side, whatever happens, and never ask for anything in return.
  • The princess and the traveller. Sometimes you find your destiny in the least expected way ... But you have to be very perseverant and keep walking until you find what you are looking for...
  • The password. A fantastic challenge that will lead our main character to solve various riddles with the help of his parents.

Buying this book you will also support the Spanish Von Hippel-Lindau Alliance. We hope to provide a wishful thinking to those reading the book, but also to all those sick people and relatives who are waiting for us to give them a hand, since all the funds from the sale of the book will be sent entirely to them.

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