Dragons and Romans

Dragons and Romans
: William David Ellis, William Ellis
: Altar Stone
: 295
: Fiction : General
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In ancient battle-scarred North Africa, the Carthaginians and Romans are locked in a mortal struggle, and only one will survive.
Asdrubal, priest of Carthage’s demon god Baal, sacrifices hundreds of innocents in order to release a fallen angel and resurrect an ancient and powerful dragon that hungers for the Roman army’s flesh.
Meanwhile, Miriam a prophetess slave girl, defies her master to protect her child from sacrificial flames. Rescued by a Roman team, Miriam uses her healing arts and her heart skills to help Regulus, General of the Roman Legion, who was terribly burned battling the dragon.
Regulus didn’t believe in dragons until he fought one, or spirits till he met one. But quickly learned earthly battles are fought in one realm and spiritual battles in another, and they are both treacherous. Regulus has a horrible decision to make, will he sacrifice his life, his legion and his love to save Rome?

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