Mary Botter The Cinderella: Book 1

Mary Botter The Cinderella: Book 1
: John Tolstoy King
: 288
: Kids : 9-12
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Ella Cindera went from zero to hero. When she was little, her dad left. Growing up, she got bullied nonstop and she did not have any friends. Bullies called her Mary Botter. She could not fight back, because she was frail and helpless. However, she did not give up and she gained some true friends. With their support, she is no longer a subject of ridicule and disrespect, but a heroine who will save the world and unite civilians in harmony.

It is the year of 3000 when the world is at peace with its highly modern civilization, but people can see signs of another apocalypse. Nobody knows how to deal with the problem, but Ella and her mom believes that the Orichalcum Crystal is the key to protecting the world. Ella happens to be the only person in the world who received powers from the crystal. Perhaps it was a gift from the gods for Ella's sad childhood, or maybe it had something to do with her dad. Nobody knows. However, Ella is determined to go on her quest of unlocking the crystal's secrets, saving the world, and fulfilling the Cinderella Story with her Prince Charming.

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