Best of Beyond the Stars: a space opera anthology

Best of Beyond the Stars: a space opera anthology
: Patrice Fitzgerald, Samuel Peralta, Nick Webb, Michael Anderle, Susan Kaye Quinn, G. S. Jennsen, Jennifer Foehner Wells, Jeff Seymour, Ann Christy, David Adams, S.M. Blooding, David Bruns, Michael Ezell, Joseph Robert Lewis, Valin J.Christopher
: Astral Books
: 485
: Fiction : SciFi
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“A blisteringly good collection.”

“Will read everything in this series I can get my hands on.”

“These stories are full of great, complex characters (not all of them human), twists and turns, and fantastic world-building.”

Epic space battles. Exotic aliens. Far-flung planets.

Fifteen fabulous tales that will thrill and surprise you, some chosen from previous BEYOND THE STARS volumes, and some brand new.

Come along as these award-winning authors sweep you along on adventures as broad as the universe and as deep as their imagination.

Welcome to the Best of Beyond the Stars!

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