Woodcastle: Courts Divided Book One

Woodcastle: Courts Divided Book One
: Kell Inkston
: 408
: Fiction : General
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A visitor from beyond the realms,
A threat from beneath the earth,
A secret that will shake the nations.

Pulled from the front lines of the war, Meeo Letlind isn't expecting a difficult mission, though it must be for a good reason that she was the one called in.

Assigned alongside the legendary overlord slayer and a half-dragon that's all bite and no bark, the group sets off for the hidden kingdom of the fairy peoples.

The team's mission? To investigate a gruesome string of unexplained murders.

The suspects? Humans, as always.

Meeo and her party must prove their innocence and shine light on the true culprits before they're taken by spear and bow to the executioner's square.

What Meeo uncovers, and the fatal implications of her discovery, is something not even she is prepared for.

In an instant they're on the run from the very people they swore to protect— fighting for survival as their phantasmal enemies and fae hunters close in, all for the sake of a once-in-a-millennia spiritual event that's set the golden woods rife with anticipation.

But Meeo, the poor dear, is not that worried. After all, she has help from someone her fellow knights would never believe.

A High-Fantasy Thriller unlike any you've read, experience shock, whimsy and awe as the tightly wound enigma is slowly unraveled alongside a desperate cast of enchanting characters.

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The Courts Divided Series:
1: Woodcastle
2: Bonefort (July 2018)
3: Bloodkeep (October 2018)

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