Genesis of War: The Realm of Areon Book 1

Genesis of War: The Realm of Areon Book 1
: R.T. Cole
: 258
: Fiction : General
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If you like the magical setting of Lord of the Rings, the intrigue of Game of Thrones, and the heart of the Harry Potter series, then you'll love Genesis of War!

“The Palidor brothers have all grown accustomed to their ordinary lives. Thasus advises the King; Andemar lives peacefully with his family; Rudimere frequents the tavern with his friends, hoping to one day bring honor to his family. But that day may soon arrive...

Threatening to repeat history, a dark Sage with the ability to control the elements has declared war. Even with numerous Sages, all with extraordinary powers, roaming the land, the son of the Demon Sorcerer believes himself to be unchallenged.

Now, with the Palidor brothers at the center of the conflict, their allies must rally behind them or risk losing everything. As the genesis of a new war unfolds, the fate of this family is intertwined with that of the realm of Areon.”

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