Where Gravel Roads Lead Home (Gem City Book 5)

Where Gravel Roads Lead Home (Gem City Book 5)
: Nicole Campbell
: Creativia
: 232
: Fiction : General
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Luke Miller embraces being a golden boy. He’s not even ashamed to admit it.

But when he goes home, all of that fades away.

His mom doesn’t particularly care that he’s in the running to be captain of the basketball team, or that his girlfriend is freaking awesome, or even that he made honor roll the previous year. Well, almost made it.

He is determined to make sure none of that really matters, because the beginning of junior year is one step closer to being out of Gem City and on his own.

Until maybe it isn’t. Luke learns that decisions are hard to make when they matter, and even harder when they affect the people he cares about.

Longing for the days when a quippy remark and a charming smile solved his problems, Luke has to decide who he can lean on as he is figuring out how to move forward.

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