Rescued from the Earl (Regency Romance)

Rescued from the Earl (Regency Romance)
: Sophia Wilson
: Regent Historical Publishing
: 130
: Fiction : Romance
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When the Earl of Desmond met the Duke of Dartrey’s only daughter, Lady Marina, he knew she was the only woman he would ever love, but he never had the courage to reveal his true feelings for her. Now, five years later, she is betrothed to his rake cousin, the Earl of Munster, known for his three vices; alcohol, gambling, and younger women.

Lady Marina, who has never been a quiet woman, is outspoken and believes in true love. But to her horror, her parents have made an arrangement for her to marry the Earl of Munster whom she finds very vile. And soon, she discovers just how vile he really is. When her parents refuse to change their minds on the upcoming marriage, Lady Marina finally succumbs to their wishes when they reveal the shocking reason for the arrangement.

Lord Desmond risks the wrath of his cousin, hoping to save Lady Marina from a fate worse than death. He will stop at nothing to ensure that Lady Marina does not marry his cousin, even if it costs him his own life.

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