The Avis Blackthorn Collection

The Avis Blackthorn Collection
: Jack Simmonds
: Zebadee Publishing
: 0
: Fiction : General
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The NYT bestselling author brings you... 

All four books of The Avis Blackthorn series in one boxset!

Book 1: Avis Blackthorn: Is Not an Evil Wizard! 

In a world of Magic… which side do you choose? 

Evil = be safe. 

Good = be very unsafe. 

It’s a dilemma 12 year old Avis Blackthorn faces. 

He belongs to the most evil wizarding family in the seven magical kingdoms, the Blackthorns… 

But Avis isn’t evil. Not one bit. 

Bullied by his family, shunned by his peers, Avis gratefully heads off to magic school. 

Enter the magical school of Hailing Hall. Where there are more magical mysteries and adventures than he could ever imagine… 

The choice becomes all the more clear when Avis finds himself in a race against an evil dark force who has been coming into the school at night… 

With the help of his new friends they must go beyond their magical limits and beat this evil man to the mystical Book of Names before it goes boom! 

With help from unexpected places, Avis is going to accomplish more than he ever thought possible.

Oh and try not to die in the mean time. 

Welcome to the world of magic…

Choose a side, good or bad. 

The choice might just kill you. 

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