Seriescraft 101: Creating a Novel Series Bible

Seriescraft 101: Creating a Novel Series Bible
: Patricia Gilliam
: 40
: Non Fiction : Writing
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This condensed version contains templates from the Seriescraft 101: Fictional Character Creator Workbook and Setting & World-Building Workbooks and is an alternative for writers organizing their novel series in Word or Scrivener.

There are several approaches to creating a series bible. If you have an existing series, rereading your own books and filling in existing information can help with continuity and developing potential sequels. If you’re starting a series from scratch, you can begin with what you know about your world and use the prompts to flesh out specific details. Don’t feel obligated to fill in every category to start on your actual books. Over time, a dynamic exchange will form between your books and reference material—resulting in an overall richer story.

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