Career Confidence Instruction Manual

Career Confidence Instruction Manual
: Peggy McKee, Shannon Harrison
: 120
: Non Fiction : General
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Are you being held back by a lack of confidence? Do you feel like an imposter? Are you afraid to go after jobs or promotions? Do you believe that your ideas aren’t good enough or that you’re lacking in some way? That lack of confidence is the only thing standing between you and the success you want.

The good news is…confidence can be learned. It’s a skill you can practice and develop until it feels natural for you. Once you have it, you can have the success that you want and deserve.

In this book, I’m sharing lessons I’ve learned in my own life and in working with thousands of people as a career coach. I encourage you to put these tips and strategies into practice immediately and start enjoying the benefits of boosted confidence—a better outlook, stronger relationships, and greater success in your life and career. You’ll learn how to:

•Build Up Your Mental Game
•Improve How You Talk To Yourself
•Feel More Confident Today
•Project Confidence With Body Language
•Make Sure Your Environment Supports You
•Avoid Weak Language
•Overcome Fear
•Improve Your Focus
•Invest In Yourself
•Ask Yourself The Big Question Everyone Should Ask

You can achieve the things you dream of, and you can make your life better.

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